Lesson Text: 1 Cor. 9: 24-27
This year has been a great year with Real Madrid winning the champions League after so many years, Atletico Madrid also became champion of Spain after Eighteen years. Let’s not forget that Arsenal eventually won a trophy after nine good years of barrenness. Barcelona finished the season without a trophy and Liverpool almost won the premier league but lost at the last moment. You remember Manchester United did not even qualify for the Champions league.
What was the difference between those that won and those that lost? This and many other questions I ask myself.
Who is a Champion?
A champion is a person who holds the first place in a contest.
Like the bible says: there are many running the race but only one wins the prize.
How do I become a Champion for Christ?
                    i.            Passion to achieve (1 Corinthians 9:24-27)
                  ii.            Passion to win
Your passion shows in the following ways:
1. Determination: 
a.)There should be a single minded determination in our Christian life; to live for Christ to the best of our abilities.
b.) The attitude that an athlete has to win is the same kind of attitude that we need to fully live for Christ. Nothing less than full effort is acceptable. We are called to run, not walk. We are called to run not jog.

2. Direction  
3. Discipline:
a)      Every believer is to live a life that is careful
· Careful in manner – How we treat others
· Careful in motive – Why we do what we do
b)      Every believer is to live a life that is consistent 
      4.  Diligence: quietly and steadily preserving especially in detail or exactness.
·         to remain in the front, you must generate the heat
·         Your work determines your worth
·         The higher you will want to fly in life, the harder you will have to work

      5. Dedication: in dedication we should live the life we have been given in Christ.
      6. Commitment

           If you have or know the purpose of a champion then you will possess the following:
1.      Focus: Once focus is lost, speed is lost. Once speed is lost, success is lost, and ultimately, when success is lost, impact is lost.
a)      Focus on the word of life:
i.) Our focus is to be squarely on holding out the word of life. To hold out means to share the love and life that can only be found in Christ
ii.) Our focus is on the fact that we are given life that is abundant and full here on earth; eternal and incorruptible in heaven.
b)      Focus on living fully:
i.) We do not run this race of life in vain. When we run for Christ, live for Christ and serve Christ; nothing that we do is in vain.
ii.) Everything that you do for Christ will bear spiritual fruit; either in your own life, or in the lives of others.
2.      Fruitfulness. Gal. 2:2
a) The fruitfulness of Christ:
     i.) We gain the privilege of all of Christ’s efforts and the power of His sacrifice. From Him we gain the first fruits of the resurrection and the blessing of God the Father.
     ii.) We gain the strength of His resurrection and the power of His new life.
b) The fruitfulness in mission:
     i.) When we live our lives for Christ, we will be fruitful. We will bear spiritual fruit for the kingdom
          ii.) Christ pours His blessing into our lives and gives us victory over the challenges we face in  life.
1. The persistence from inspiration.
  a.   The participants:
i.) We gain encouragement from the lives of the great heroes of the bible because they have set an incredible example for us to follow. They have lived out a life of spiritual champions and we learn from both their successes and their failures.
ii.) Examples:
·Moses: How to have an intimate relationship with God
·Abraham: How to take God at His word
·Joseph: How to depend on God in tough times
·David: How to lean on God to rise above our failures
·Esther: How to rely on God’ provision and protection

  b.   The spectators:


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