Character Development. (Rom 5:1-5)

by GAC Ikeja

Character development is pivotal to one’s success in life. It might take skills to get up, but it takes character to keep you there (Isaiah 9:6-7). 
If you must become sustained as a man of influence, reverence, efficiency and effectiveness in your generation, you must develop godly character.
Even the sustainability of your business/marriage is answerable to cultivating godly attitude.
Your attitude sharpens your aptitude while in turn determines your altitude in life. The essence of cultivating godly character is to be in perfect alignment with the Holy Spirit. When your promised dreams are not coming to pass, how are you behaving? What do you do when on the field of play, the ball is not within your reach?
How does God take us through the Character Development Process?
By Faith: To every man, some measure of faith is given (Rom 5:1-5). It all starts with faith. This faith births the peace of God within us. When faith is birthed in you, you have the peace of God. Every character development starts with the perspective of the Gospel of Christ. If your humility is not born out of Christ’s perspective, it is self-driven. This faith births peace and peace births joy. Every tribulation is meant for the building up of your most Holy Faith. The peace of God dwells with you even in trouble (Rom 5:3, James 1:12). Through faith and patience, you become an imitator of those who inherited the promise (Heb. 6:12).
The patience that is birthed from tribulation leads to experience (Acts 20:32). Without experience/character, any inheritance you receive can be swept away by tribulation. The experience keeps you alert for what God is about to do (Job 23:10).
Why This Process of Character Development –2nd Peter 1:5-11
This is so that we can become partakers of His divine nature (holiness).
In Isaiah 53, we note that chastisement is key in the process of character development. We are made perfect through suffering. God takes us through a process to protect the posterity He has given us (Heb 12:6-11).
God takes us through character development so that we can match up with the image He had perfected in us before the advent of time.
Gen 39:7-13 (Joseph as an example)
A man who will be used mightily by God will be tested thoroughly. If your dreams are God-given, your life must be God-governed. Everything we have received and heard stands before us at every point of our decision making.
Daniel 1:8 (Daniel as an example)
Daniel also purposed in his heart that he would not have any portion of the king’s food/meat.
Deal with the appetites that might put you in trouble, before the day of trouble comes. You prepare for war in the time of peace.


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