Psalm 1:1-6
To be blessed is to be connected with God, to possess a sacred nature, to be sanctified (hallowed or made holy).
Furthermore, blessing is an empowerment to prosper and to move forward in the light of God’s Word. A blessed man is one who prospers within the sphere of divine purpose.
When you come across truly blessed people, you would know, because the fragrance of divine presence and favour could always be perceived around them.
Having examined the life of the Christian in this anchor text, I would like to identify three major stages of such a person’s life:
The childhood (dependence) stage
At this stage, he/she walks in the counsel (advice or admonition) of others. He/she is helpless and in a state of vulnerability. Unfortunately, many people are wired up within the counselling system of the ungodly. Evil counsel gets deeply rooted within their hearts and it defines their value system in life. Everything about their lives is built around such value system…
Only the Word of God can reframe every world built around such ungodly counsel (Heb. 11:3; 2 Cor. 10:3-5).

The maturity (independence) stage
At this stage, there seems to be some level of stability in life, and you can independently make some strategic decisions pertaining to your life.
‘He does not stand in the way (or path) of the ungodly…’
The word ‘stand’ here signifies ability, strength, agility, virility, vigour, youthfulness…
The glory of young men is their strength… (Prov. 20:29).
Remember now, your Creator in time of your youthfulness, when you still have your strength intact… Eccl. 12:1.
Take your stand for God! You can’t stand before God and still stand in the path of sinners… (1 Kings 17:1; Acts 27:23).

The adulthood stage
This is a stage at which many become less mobile. Old age is now catching up on them. They are becoming more and more incapacitated to move about like before. Yet, some still choose to hang around the scornful (scoffers, mockers). It’s better to sit (or dwell) in the secret place of the Most High… (Psalm 91:1). It’s better to hang around those that fear the Lord and to dwell in the company of God-seekers!

(NOTE: Any of these three stages could be applicable to you, irrespective of your age).

His delight is in the Word of God!
There is a great drought for the love of God’s Word in our generation. Men are rather lovers of themselves, lovers of money (2 Tim. 3:2). We no longer esteem the things of God. We no longer have passion for the kingdom of God and His righteousness… Do you have passion for God’s Word? We must develop a huge appetite for the Word of God.

He meditates in the Word of God, day and night.
Set your priorities right! Frame your world by the Word of God (Heb. 11:3; Joshua 1:8).

He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water… (Gen. 49:22-26).
Big trees are not planted. They were initially planted as seed. They eventually grow to become trees. A good seed eventually becomes a great seed that brings forth much fruit.
Brings forth its fruit in due season…
He/she grows in a systematic order. The growth is not spontaneous. It’s time-bound, it comes at the appointed time (Eccl. 3:11). Your time will surely come!

His leaves shall not wither
He/she will not suffer any form of drought. They will thrive in the time of severe famine. This signifies spiritual prosperity. The eyes of understanding (spiritual sensitivity) of such people will be sharpened (enlightened).

Whatsoever he does shall prosper
He/she locates the field which the Lord has blessed. They step into their sphere (domain) of influence. They enter into His rest. They cease from fruitless labour (Heb. 4:10-11).


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