Exodus 33:14-17

God has created us to be carriers of His presence. In the book of Genesis, God besought Adam and Eve with His presence.
What does the presence of God mean?
The presence of God can be described as the appearance of God. It is what makes God, God. It is the essence of God. God cannot be separated from His own presence. This presence of God also connotes the truest representation of Himself.
As the bible rightly puts it, no man has seen God (John 1:18, 4:20). How then do we embody God?
Romans 8:14 declares, “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God”. God is a spirit and anyone that must worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth.
We then ask ourselves the question, what or who exactly is leading you?
God does not dwell in the houses built by hands, but rather he dwells in our hearts (Acts 17:24). To be a carrier of God, you must allow the Holy Spirit on the inside of you. How do we then receive the Holy Spirit? You receive the Holy Spirit by receiving Christ in your life. A lot of us think we have given our lives to Jesus Christ but situations around us prove otherwise. This explains why though many people yearn for the Holy Spirit, they have not received Him. You cannot have the spirit of Christ in you, except Christ be in you. If you are not sure about your salvation, you need to go back to God.
Jesus came that He may give God permanent residence in us (John 14:5-8). And, the moment the Father comes unto you, you are no longer your old self. The representation of God in us is the Holy Spirit. You cannot have the Holy Spirit and remain your old self. The Holy Spirit changes the way you see things.
How I can be a carrier of God?
·         Activate the God in you (Luke 11:13)
·         Believe in God
·         Wait on Him

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