We have been created by God for a special purpose – service.

Service is a set of actions put in place to provide a particular outcome or result. 

Service in God’s kingdom involves our works (good deeds), devotion and commitment towards the manifestation of God’s glory on earth.
It must be proven to be good, acceptable and perfect – the will of God! (Romans 12:1-2).

The journey into fulfilment begins with a sincere heartfelt desire to serve God and humanity. 
In the process of serving God, you will locate devotion (which is the reasonable service) and through this, Godly attributes begin to rub off on you. 
Eventually, you begin to discover and fulfil God’s purpose for your life!

Some of the things (qualities) that rub off on you in the place of service are:

1. Godliness (character) 

2. Governance (self restraint/discipline)

3. Personal development (spiritual, intellectual, stirring up your gifts, etc)

4. You possess the mind of God – through the knowledge of God, by beholding His face as in a mirror…being transformed by the renewing…from glory to glory.
(Through the Word and the Spirit of God).
You see yourself in the light of God’s Word!

The Spirit also bears witness within you, revealing the mind of God to you.

David served his generation according to the will of God (Acts 13:36).

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power, Who went about doing good… (Acts 10:38).

Service is not just the key to greatness…service is greatness!

The greatest of all is the servant of all…(Matt. 20:26; 23:11; Luke 22:26)

Joseph served even in the prison (Gen. 40:4).

Jesus came as the servant of all (Matt. 20:28; Mark 10:45).

Even after David had been anointed, he went back to the place of service, the place of devotion, the place of preparation.

Anything that takes you away from the place of selfless service is only setting you up for a fall.

Sometimes, it will look as if the anointing of God in your life can only work for others (it doesn’t seem to work for you), keep serving the purpose of God and the needs of others.
While you’re serving in the secret place, God is training your hands to war.
Keep serving!!!

While you are serving whole-heartedly and selflessly, God is positioning you ahead for greater heights in life.

In spite of His dominion over all things, Jesus laid aside His garment and served (He washed the feet of His disciples – John 13).

People of God, it is time for us to rise up in the light of God’s Word, and serve!
Serve GOD! Serve your generation according to the will of God, and you will eventually become an eternal excellency, the joy of many generations.

        Resident  Pastor

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