What is praise?
An expression of approval and commendation.
Offering words of homage as an act of worship.
Why should we praise him?
v  He is worthy of our praise Ps 18:3, Rev5:11-12
v  We are called to praise Him 1pet 2:5, Ps 150:6
v  It brings God’s presence Ps 22:3
v  Praise defeats our enemy Ps 8:2
v  Because we are alive Ps 150 :6
v  Because He is faithful
v  Because He is our maker
v  He is God
v  That is the only thing we can give Him (God inhibit the praise of His people)
How to praise God
v  With my voice Ps 63: 3,  Act 16:25
v  With my body Ps 63 : 4
v  With music Ps 150 3-5
v  With my life 1 cor 10 : 31
Result of praise
v  It brings God’s blessing
v  Your miracle becomes permanent
v  Your enemies kill themselves
v  Your wall of Jericho falls down
v  It quickens your request
v  It confuses your enemies
v  It gives you peace 
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