Text: Isa. 43:14-19
What is a New Dawn?
New dawn signifies an end to an era and the beginning of a new one. It signifies an end to a dispensation and the beginning of a new dispensation. A new dispensation is emerging for you. If you believe shout a big Amen. Ps. 30:5
The end to the dispensation of anguish and sorrow has seized in your life in Jesus Christ name.
The dispensation of toiling and labouring in vain has ended. For some of us who have been enjoying the grace and the goodness of God just like a tree planted by the rivers of water, God is saying a greater glory is braking forth Haggai 2:9
So, why will God want to end an era and Birth a New era or A New Dawn
1.       To take one out of current misery and challenges. Ex.3:6-8 .
The Lord will deliver you from your affliction this morning. If you believe shout Amen. Ex.14:13-14.
2.       When God is about to do something New. Gen.12:1-3, Gen.17:1-5
For some here, God is starting a new covenant with you, You are receiving a change of name, a change of level, a change of status, in Jesus Christ name.
3.      When God want us to operate more in the power of the Holy-ghost by yielding ourselves completely to Him. Rom.6:16-18
A.     Because God expect every child of God to be a shining light
God want every believer to manifest. He want to use the situations of our lives to birth breakthroughs, signs and wonders to our world. Isa.60:1-3, John 9:1-3
The Bible says; “we are the light of the world” In the mist of gross darkness, you will manifest light to your world, you will be the light of men in Jesus Christ name.
B.     To quickly restore us back in case we are drifting away from His presence
He may allow some difficulties or challenges because He does not want us to be destroyed. In case anyone is gradually backsliding due to un-due pressure and prevailing circumstances of life, God want to restore such person back. Rev 3:19-20
In conclusion

God is standing at the doors of our lives this morning to restore us back because He is about to birth something different.
He wants to begin a new dawn experience in that circumstances of yours that will make your joy full and bring glory to the Father. Will you open to Him so that His glory can be made manifest through you?
He manifested His power through the death of Lazarus, He manifested His power through the miserable and sorrowful life of Jabez, He manifested His power through the situation of Hannah, He manifested His power through the man that was born blind, will you allow Him to be made manifest through your situation?


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