Text: Luke 13:6-9

Everything God has made in this world is for a specific purpose and that includes you and me. The onus therefore lies on us to discover the very reason for which we are created here on earth. 

Three (3) of the greatest questions ever asked by man on earth are as follows:

(1) who am I? , 
(2) why am I here on earth?  and, 
(3) where am I going after here? 

The foregoing help us to answer questions on the purpose of  our existence on earth.  You are not just another creature on earth; you are particularly created for a specific purpose. 
You are so important in God’s agenda, and so, He created you to fulfil His purpose for your life. The preacher says, “to every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” – Eccl. 3:1
God’s general purpose for making man
1.   Man was created for God’s praise – Isaiah 43:21, 1Pet. 2:9
2.   Man was created for God’s pleasure – Rev. 4:11
3.   Man was created to bear fruit – Gen. 1:28, John 15:16
4.   Man was created to represent God – Gen. 1:27
How can I know if I am living for God’s purpose?
1.   You will have peace within you
2.   You will have sense of fulfilment in your heart even if all around seem not encouraging – 1Sam. 17:28-29
3.   Your passion and energy to work for God in your career is divinely supplied
4.   You will be willing to render quality service to God and humanity
5.   You will see yourself always returning all glory back to God at every achievement 

How can I fulfil purpose?
1.   Discover yourself

Ø  By knowing and acknowledging the God-factor as the basis for self-discovery.

Ø  Search the bible to know more about the reason for existence.
Ø  Pray to God to help you discover who you are really created to be.
2.   Make conscious effort to walk in line with the will of God which you just discovered about yourself.
3.   Allow the Holy Spirit of God to guide you all through your endeavour in life.
4.   Engage in the service of God and seek to render service to humanity. Purpose is discovered in the place of service.
The greatest threat to the devil, our arch-enemy is to see us fulfilling purpose and destiny in life. 

Satan will make us to do all other things in life except fulfilling purpose. Nevertheless, the bible says, “There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand – Prov. 19:21

                                                     PASTOR FEMI ATODE

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