John 7:37-39, Eph. 5:18-19

Everyone desires to have every good thing in excess. You want to have just more than enough of everything in life either to store for a future use or to give the excess to others who may need it. No one seems to have enough of wealth, riches or material blessing in life as everyone tends to ask for just a little more.
However, the ability to keep getting more also largely depends on the capacity of the container into which the supposed blessing is being stored.  Moreover, if any container will continue to get more after being filled to the brim, then it must be ready to experience a spill over, hence the overflow.
Overflow is a state of being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit in a very overwhelming manner. It is a point of being totally sold out to God. It is a state of unlimited experience of God’s supply. Other ways of seeing overflow in the bible include but not limited to the following:
Spiritual fruitfulness – Psa. 31:19
Super abundance – Joel 2:24
Abundance supply – Phil. 4:19
Overflow is service dependent – Psa. 23: 5-6   
The experience of overflow in any man’s life leaves him with a blessing for his generation. At salvation when you surrender your life to God and follow on, you experience a blessing form God. You are indeed blessed because you have the joy of salvation. Acts 3:19  
But when you experience the overflow, you are operating in the realm of being a blessing. This state is actually higher than just being blessed. You become a blessing that every other person needs and runs to.  Overflow is not what a man experience for the purpose of edifying oneself alone but more importantly for the edification of others. The supply of grace for overflow is service dependent. Exod. 23:25.
For the continuous supply of overflow, you must be willing to be committed to relentless service in the body of Christ.  God never gives the Holy Spirit to anyone who is not going to work for Him. This reason may also explain why many people have not experienced the baptism of the Spirit.
While overflow is God’s desire for all his children, it is also true that not everyone can experience overflow because it is not everyone that’s ready to fulfil what it takes. So the following are some of the hindrances to overflow.
1.      Lack of capacity or insufficient capacity to retain the overflow – 2Kings 4:3-6  
2.      Self-sufficiency or self-righteousness – Luke 12:16-20
3.      Propensity to withhold the gifting of God rather than giving out
1.       Through the baptism of Holy Spirit – Acts 1:8
2.       Willingness to serve in God’s kingdom – Rom. 14:17-18
3.       Through obedience to God’s word
4.       Total surrendering to the will of God – Rom. 12:1.

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