Praise Without Limits
Psalm 34:1-3
Praise is the fruit of our lips (Isaiah 57:19; Hebrews 13:15).
Praise is a double-edged sword in the mouths and hands of God’s children (Psalm 149:6).
He is enthroned in our praises. He dwells in our praises (Psalm 22:3). 
Praise is attractive and beautiful on the upright (Psalm 33:1) 
Praise is a spiritual garment…and it looks good on the upright!
Why should we praise God?

Many people praise God because of what they want to get – results, blessings and all the goodies of life!

Many praise Him because they enjoy the good rhymes and rhythms…
We should praise Him because He (alone) is worthy to be praised.
Praise Him because He is good! He’s a loving Father Whom we love, because He loved us first…
Praise Him from the depth of your heart, for He sees your heart and knows the thoughts and intents thereof (Psalm 19:14; 139:23-24).
Praise is not seasonal. We must praise God at all times (Habakkuk 3:17-19).
What do I need to praise God effectively? 
Rejoice in the Lord at all times…(Phil. 4:4).
It’s with a joyful heart that we can draw from the wells of salvation (Isaiah 12:3).
A joyful heart is the ground
Praise is the seed
God commands bountiful harvest from such combination.
When we appreciate the Lord sincerely from the depth of our hearts for the ‘little’ He has done for us, a spiritual healing and restoration comes upon us…not just the physical (Luke 17:11-17).
In other words, you become a praise….you now become a source/channel of healing to others.
You become a blessing to others
Appreciating the Giver at the expense of the gifts makes you an object of praise unto others…
Jesus told His disciples, ‘…henceforth, you will become fishers of men’. They forsook all and followed Him! (Luke 5:10-11).
We belong to a priesthood which is rooted in the power of an endless life. Therefore, praise will never cease in our mouths! (Hebrews 7:14-16).
From one generation to the other, we will declare His praise…

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