Greatness in life is not a product of wishful thinking. It doesn’t come by mere happenstance.

Greatness is God’s desire for everyone. He has placed within us all, the seed of greatness.

However, not everyone ends up being great or successful in life. Not everyone recognizes or appreciates the importance of preparation in life. For every level of greatness that one attains in life, there must have been a corresponding process of preparation, else the ‘greatness’ will be short-lived.
There is no substitute for preparation. When preparation meets with opportunities, success is inevitable.

When you fail to prepare today, you have already prepared to fail tomorrow. Preparation is one of the key factors that distinguish the wise from the foolish (Matt. 25:1-13).
If you don’t appreciate process, you can’t experience progress. You must endure the process of adequate preparation in order to enjoy progress in life (Hebrews 12:2).
The process precedes the progress! Adequate preparation leads to manifestation; that’s the divine order (Luke 1:80).
 For God to use a man greatly, He must engage the man in the process of preparation by testing and proving him thoroughly. Effective (impactful) living is a by-product of preparation.

The Teacher became a learner. He had to subject Himself to series of preparation… (Hebrews 2:9-10; 5:8-10).

Some of the things that God uses to prepare us for greatness:
1. Adversity
Some elements of adversity which you (may) suffer even from relatives, friend and associates, include, but are not limited to – rejection, hostility, coldness, envy, jealousy, etc.
It comes in different dimensions, from people within and outside.
The purpose of adversity is to toughen you spiritually and position you rightly for what lies ahead… (Psalm. 105:16-22).
2. Milestone achievements
Some of these include the success, breakthroughs and victories that God gives you at strategic points in life. Some of these are experienced in the ‘wilderness journey’.
However, the important thing is never to allow any of these little successful achievements to becloud your sense of reasoning. The truth is that, in God, there is always more, even much more to reach out for! (1 Samuel 17:34-37).
3. Cultivation and development of intuitive abilities
In the secret place, God sharpens your skillsets such that your senses are exercised unto godliness, in order to discern both good and evil.
Joseph started receiving divine revelation (dreams) at an early stage in life. Even in the midst of hatred, he kept dreaming… (Gen. 37:5-9).
David was sensitive enough to have raised a shepherd to look after the sheep while he was sent on another assignment (1 Samuel 17:20).
Preparation was one of the factors that distinguished between Saul and David (Acts 13:21-22).
Godly preparation ensures that your life is God-governed.
Receive the grace to discern, endure and to stay through the time of preparation, in the name of Jesus Christ!


Resident  Pastor

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