Romans 10:13-17
Faith comes by hearing (revelation) and hearing (revelation) comes by the Word of God.
Revelation (reveal) – to unfold, to unveil, to manifest, to disclose……
Show me your way oh Lord…..He revealed His ways to Moses, His works to the Israelites. (Psalm 103:7)
Not every way is the right way. There is a way that seems right…
Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life…(Matt. 7:13-14)
An entrance unto eternal life will be ministered unto you, through the entrance of His Word into your heart…
The entrance of your Word gives Light (revelation, illumination…), it gives understanding unto the simple (Psalm 119:130)
The WORD —–> Divine Revelation —-> Faith
Some of the people that encountered revelation by the Word of God in the Bible:
1) 1 Samuel 3:4-10 While the Word of the Lord hadn’t been revealed unto Samuel, he could not receive from the Lord. Until he said, ‘Speak, Lord! For Thy servant heareth…’
In verse 21, the Lord revealed Himself to Samuel again in Shiloh, by the Word of the Lord…
2) In Acts 16:13-14, while Apostle Paul and his colleagues were ministering, the Lord opened Lydia’s hears and she heard…
Unto you it is given…
Revelation is given on the platform of the Word.
If there is no Word, there is no revelation…
The Word of God ensures total quality assurance unto doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness…(2 Timothy 3:16-17)
The Word births divine revelation in the hearts of those who have been appointed unto salvation, and this in turn, invokes living faith in their hearts…
It is time for the true sons of God to arise! Why sit we ‘here’ till we die? Arise! Shine! For your light has come…the Light of the Word has risen upon you, though there is gross darkness in the world, you are an agent of light…Manifest as light!
Let the world see Jesus shining as the light in you!
Jesus is the true Light, yet He called us the Light of the world..
It is what we receive from Him that we give to the world.
Remember, if there is no word, there is no revelation, if there is no revelation, there is no impartation, and if there is no impartation, there is no manifestation!
The earnest expectation of the creature awaits the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19)
The Word shines, it burns, it breaks, it cleanses, it purifies, it sanctifies, it quickens…..
The Word and the Spirit are inseparable….they go hand in hand
Henceforth, the Word will be made flesh unto you…John 1:14

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