·         Your fore- knowledge about a given matter determines the level of success attained and the revelation earlier received better positions you for what lies ahead.

          Divine revelation gives desired leverage which enhances divine acceleration into God’s purpose for man. Eccl 3:1

·         Joseph through the divine revelation from God uncovered purpose at a tender age. Gen 37:7-9.

·         When you have a fore-knowledge of who you are in Christ Jesus you are less bothered about what the devil throws at you. Little wonder Joseph never seemed worried even through the darkest moments in his life.

·         He took all with all joy and kept reminding himself from time to time the revelation he had received from God even as a child. Ps.5:11-12.

·         The revelational knowledge you carry helps activate divine favour upon your life. Gen 39:4-6, Gen. 39:21-23, Gen 41:40-44, Prov.16:7, 1Sam.18:3, James 1:2-4

·         There is a divine timing set by God for everything under the earth and the revelation we have help us achieve greatness within our time and space.

·         Every year, churches come out and unfold a theme for the year. This is to understand what God is about to do so as to maximize and operate in the power that is at work for that year. We also as individuals must seek to know the mind of God for our lives, our calling, our ministry, etc. as we launch into the New Year. Hab. 2:3, Isa 40:31.

What Revelation does

1.      Revelation advances our walk knowledge with God. Eph.1:17.

2.      Revelation terminates struggles and illuminates our lives.

– Joseph never struggled with God, rather he allowed God’s plan play out in his life. Heb.13:5-6

3.      A man of revelation is a man of dominion. Ps.105:17-21, Gen 45:7-8

·         As we move into the last month of the year, let us uncover, recover and discover clearly what God’s plan is for the New Year, this is what can make the journey less stressful. Rather than becoming everything good to people, choose to become everything good to God. Don’t seek the award or the accolades of man but seek to be noticed and discovered by God like Job. Job 1:8, Dan 11:32, Heb 11:10, Job 14:14, Dan 2:19.

Ø  Your positive change will come, he will appear to you in a night vision and re-establish His covenant with you, you will not miss it, you will pursue, overtake and recover all in Jesus Christ name. Isa 40:29-31

Ø  He will give you strength and power, you will not faint in the time of adversity, and you are mounting up with wings as eagles. James 1:25

Ø  As you look on to Jesus the author and the finisher of your faith, he will crown your head with favour, His revelation to you will make your journey in life clearer than before in the name of Jesus Christ.
                                           PASTOR LANRE AREOLA

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