Mal. 3:16-18 

·   Service in the ministry is a commandment and a requirement to every believer, Servants in the ministry are God’s personal property
·   God is very much interested in our service. Serving God makes us precious. Ex.23:25-26
          If blessing is to be DESIRED, service is DEMANDED/REQUIRED

      You may buy bread and water but only God can bless your bread and water, they may promise medical care but only God can give sound health. No employer or organization can promise long life, only God assures long life.
· The position of your heart with God in the place of service is directly proportional to the reward you receive. Pro.23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: …..
What are the Spiritual or Biblical mind-sets needed to make our service acceptable to God.
1.        Don’t serve with slave or poverty mentality
          It is a service that is full of envy, hatred, anger, animosity, jealousy, etc.
          The prodigal son’s brother served in this capacity; don’t let your case be like that.    
      They are people who do not believe their service can get them anything in the presence of God. Luke 15:25-31
      They do not know how much of God’s grace that is available to them, but envy those who know their  right in Christ Jesus. Isa.1:18, Job 1:8-9
2.   Always possess Appointment Mentality
       Every appointment God gives carry’s appointment packages, though some appointment mentality is       naturally self-motivated but either way, at the end, you will receive something.When He appointed 70 in Luke 10:1 & 7-8, they never lacked any supply, but don’t let your service stop at just receiving the physical manifestation, aim for what can never be corrupted

·The 70 eventually backslide because they were just about the mundane things they could get in the place of service. John 6:65-67.
3. Purpose to give true Service that comes from the heart
          It is a determination that involve releasing oneself as a seed, sowing yourself fully into the ministry.
          Peter after he had sold himself fully into the ministry requested to know his appointment packages. Matt. 19:27-28
          (……I have not asked the seed of Jacob to serve me in vain….. Isa.45:19)

Ø  Peter served and his shadow and handkerchief became healing instrument. Seek for blessing that transcend this life to life eternal. 1Cor.15:58.
4.        We must Possess a Sowing/Investment Mentality
          Every time you are serving, you are sowing a seed. Seed don’t die but must usually bring forth fruit.       Gal.6:7-8, Gal.6:9.

          The service you give must be seen as investment for your life and the future of your generation to come.
Ø  David served and secured royalty for linage 1Kings 8:25, Aaron served and got priesthood for his linage. Ex.28:1, Hezekiah served and got extra 15years reign. 2Kings 20:1-6, Jabez served and got his curse removed and also received blessing. 1Chro.4:9-10 Gen.8:22, Rom.12:11, Mark 4:28
5.    Possess a Partnership Mentality
          You must be in Partnership with God. So that God can lead you to your earthly partners 1Cor.3:6
       Every Paul must find his Apollo ( you are never alone). Find your “partner in progress” (“iron sharpeneth Iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend” Pro.27:17)
      Look for friends that can encourage you anytime you are down not the one that will drag you further down
6.    Never set sail without Christ onboard.
          Every time you set out with God, He goes with you.
          When He sent Moses God went with him. Ex.4:11-12, Mark 16:20, Matt.28:19-20.
          When He sent David against Goliath God was with him. Every giant that stands in your way will be push down.
          He backed Paul and Silas up. Act 16:25-26
7.    Reward is always personal. Heb.11:6.
          Don’t be happy you belong to a serving group; always make your contribution/input count. God does not reward in groups, He rewards individually. Rev.22:12.
          A true servant does what others consider too small to do. Whatever you do, however big or little, do it joyfully.

                                                       PASTOR LANRE AREOLA

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