Lesson Text: 1 John 5:4, 2 King 7:1-10
I. To live in victory you must think victoriously
a. Gloom breeds failure: It is impossible to live in victory without a victorious concept.
1 Corinthians 15:57
– If you are defeated in your thought life with negative thoughts of failure then you will never win. But if you put your mind into victory and HOPE, you will always win. Romans 15:13
You can live in doom and gloom or you can live your life surrounded in HOPE
b. David never allowed himself to focus on problems.
Psalms 42:5
c. Learning to live in praise is essential to victorious living
– Praise builds our courage
– Bible References: (Jehoshaphat)
II Chronicles 20, (Paul & Silas) Acts 16:20, (John) Revelations 1:10
-Praise builds our faith
-Praise puts our faith into action
-The building of our faith pleases God; It excites God when we trust Him.
Hebrews 11:6

II. To live in victory you must get your eyes off your circumstance
a. Peter got out of the boat
– Peter focused on Christ not the storm
– As his attention shifted, he began to sink
b. Lame man at pool of Bethesda. John 5: 3-9
c. Sometimes, attacks come and they are so heavy that they overwhelm us, and it is hard not to focus on the problems that we are dealing with.
– When you are faced with loss in your life, it is difficult to stay focused
· Loss of health
· Loss of loved one
· Loss of possessions
– Attacks are hard and they hurt, they bring pain and suffering into your life.
– But Jesus is our CHAMPION, our REFUGE, our STRONG TOWER, our SHELTER in the storm.
– He is the God of HOPE
Focus on the Promise not the problems.
III.To live in victory you must never accept defeat
a. Too many Christians come under attack and they give up. They want to just sit down and not move.
b. They think ‘if I don’t do anything maybe the devil won’t notice me, and he will leave me alone’, WRONG. You merely exist in defeat.
c. When you are defeated forward progress is stopped
d. Some people are sitting in the congregation and haven’t done anything for the kingdom in years. They look for any excuse not to be profitable for the Master.
e. Don’t live in defeat, do something. Ecclesiastes 9:10
You can live in victory. You don’t have to remain in defeat.
1. Set your mind to thinking victory
2. Don’t focus on problem focus on the Promise
3. Do something, get up and get moving.
These are the steps to victory. As you begin to make these steps you will find that God provides victory in every situation of your life.

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