Numbers 14:1-10
Caleb tried to convince the people to exercise faith in God, that they might go and possess the lands that God had given them, but the voices of the others superseded his (Numbers 13:30-33).  
The truth is, they had to see themselves as grasshoppers before the inhabitants of the land could see them as such. 

One of the ways through which the devil attacks you is to first give you a wrong perception of your identity in Christ. 

Once he can succeed in making you see yourself differently from how God sees you, he begins to have a grip over your life…
…Alongside them we felt like grasshoppers. And they looked down on us as if we were grasshoppers… (Numbers 13:33) MSG.
This evil report threw the entire community of Israel into an uproar and wailing all night long. And this further led to grumbling, murmuring and rebellion… It got so bad that the people decided to appoint a new leader, who would lead them back to Egypt.

Egypt here represents the self-life which will always have its grip on the old Adamic nature in us. Until that ‘old man’ is crucified, you can only walk away from Egypt for a while, its value system will always catch up with you… 
Even though the Israelites got delivered from Egypt and went through the Red Sea (a type of the salvation, repentance and new birth experience), they never gave up their old lifestyle totally. This type of conversion process exists predominantly in the Church today…
This is the reason why, at the slightest challenge, the first thing that comes up in the mind of such people is Egypt… They can always easily trace their route back to Egypt. Their confidence has always been in the old Egyptian (or Babylonian) system of worldliness. Their citizenship is of this world… Neither are they genuine seekers of God. If they seem to be parading the presence of God for a while, it’s because of an ‘urgent’ need…
‘So they said to one another, “Let us select a leader and return to Egypt…’
Interestingly, such people would go to any length to oppose the leadership of God-fearing people like Moses. They would do anything possible to discredit Moses’ call and even look down on the grace and anointing of God upon his life. Left to them, they would rather go back to Egypt than stay under the leadership of Moses, in spite of the fact that he had been called and approved by God.

Their evil decision to go back to Egypt led to two things:

1. Moses and Aaron ‘fell on their faces.
2. Joshua and Caleb ‘tore their clothes.
Each of these expressions has its own significant meaning, but an underlying factor between them is the expression of mourning and grief, based on the Israelites’ display of unfaithfulness and lack of trust in God, in spite of all what the Lord had done for them.
God is still searching for such people, even in our generation! People who grieve and mourn in the midst of the wickedness that abounds in the land. In every generation, such people are the ones who genuinely fit in for the Master’s use, as agents of transformation in their land. People who cry out to the Lord in the sincerity of their hearts, saying ‘O Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years…’
Joshua and Caleb stood out from the crowd, daring the consequences, they chose to see things from God’s perspective. They would rather loose friends and associates, they chose to speak the mind of God for their generation. They would rather die in faith than live in doubts…

Brethren, this same grace has been extended unto you. Stand out from the crowd. Rise up in faith, take your stand for God in your generation! 
                                              PASTOR NATHANIEL SADELA

                                                     Resident  Pastor

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