TEXT:  John 9:1 – 7
A touch from the Lord or simply put, a touch of God, is so powerful that it leaves an indelible mark on whomsoever He touches or whosoever touches Him. A touch of God results in a miracle. So, when God touches a man, a miracle is bound to happen. Although God’s touch may either be in positive or negative direction as found in Exodus 8:19, we will however concentrate on the positive direction of God’s touch this morning.
Note: Whether it is God that touches you or you are the one that touches Him, the result is the same as long as you touch Him rightly.
Five things that happen when God touches you 
1.       When God touches a man, healing will flow through Him – Mark 7: 32 – 35
2.       When God touches a man, restoration takes place – Luke 7: 12 – 15, Joel 2: 24 – 26
3.       When God touches a man, all situations of leprosy in that life are cleansed – Mark 1: 40 – 41, Matt. 8: 1 – 3
4.       The hand of God upon  a man brings encouragement and strength – Matt. 17 : 1 – 8
5.       A touch of God can bring a dead situation to life – Matt. 9: 23 – 29, John 11: 41 – 44
Four ways you can touch God or be touched by Him
1.       You can touch God by your faith – Matt. 15:22 – 28, Matt. 9:20 -23
2.       You can touch God by His Word – Eccl. 8:4, Heb. 11:3, John 1: 1 -3
For every touch of God in a man’s life, there must be a corresponding word from God. A man cannot and would never get anything from God if it is not written in God’s word. You will need to locate where it is written if you must touch Him or be touched of Him.
3.       You can touch God by your  persistence in prayer – Mark 10: 46 – 52
4.       Finally you can touch God by continuous fellowshipping in the Holy Spirit – 1John 1: 3; 6 -7


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