Revelation 4:11

Everyone has been called by God for a specific purpose in life. It is through the fulfilment of such purpose that we (the creatures) bring pleasure to the heart of God. 

Every creature of God has been pre-designed to function in such a way that they locate and fulfil God’s purpose (reason for their existence) in their lives. Failure to fulfil this mandate is a contradiction of a divine order and process.

No matter how much we seemly succeed in anything that God has not called us into, we have stepped out of purpose and that simply put, is an abuse of divine process and it eventually leads to disorder if not curbed, and God is not the God of disorder but of peace… 

He demands that things be done decently and in accordance with divine order (1 Cor. 14:33, 40).

Today, we want to profile the lives of two women as we proceed on our discussion which is titled, ‘THE WOMAN OF PURPOSE’. These are Rebecca and Hannah.


She was the wife of Isaac, and the mother of Jacob and Esau. 
The first instance where her name was mentioned in the Bible was in Genesis 22:23. The next time Rebecca’s name appeared, it was at the well of Mesopotamia (Gen. 24:10-28).
Rebecca was strategic to God’s purpose in her generation and she had been chosen according to the determinate counsel of God, to be the carrier of the Abraham blessing. 
She showed at the God-ordained place, at the God-ordained time. 

Are your steps ordered by the Lord? (Psalm 37:23). Are you the answer to someone’s sincere and heartfelt prayer?

She was purpose-driven, lived a responsible and God-fearing life. She kept herself pure, she was a virgin. She was kind-hearted and hospitable to a complete stranger. 

Are you keeping yourself pure, free from physical and spiritual defilements? Are you a vessel unto honour, fit for the Master’s use?

Having been driven by the force of destiny, she was willing to follow the stranger to wherever he went. She definitely was a spiritually sensitiveyoung woman. She brought comfort and fulfilment to her husband (Gen. 24:67). 

She inquired from the Lord concerning her situation and her children’s future, The Lord revealed the destinies of her children to her (Gen. 25:22-23).

In her willingness to guard jealously the Abrahamic posterity, she ensured that Jacob was sent away by his father, Isaac (with the blessing) – Gen. 27:41-46; Gen. 28:1-4.


She was one of the wives of Elkanah. She was the mother of Samuel.

As a woman purpose, she could identify a specific spiritual gap in her generation and sensed that God was looking for a man in the upcoming generation, who would be His mouthpiece to His people, so that the light of the knowledge of God’s glory would not depart from the nation.

Women of purpose are strategic, they know the specific needs of the hour in their generation and are ready to plug in as vessels in the Master’s hands.

Furthermore, women of purpose are good negotiators. They negotiate the destinies of their children and of nations (1 Samuel 1:9-11).

Hannah returned all the glory to God after the birth of her son. Women of purpose trace their blessings back to God (1 Samuel 1:20; 2:1-10). 

They are covenant practitioners. They don’t trample on grace. They keep and fulfil their vows (1 Samuel 1:21-28).

God also so desired to make you a woman who will fulfil His purpose in every facet of your life. Receive grace to be a woman of purpose, a channel of blessing to your generation in the name of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Nathaniel Sadela

Resident Pastor
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