by GAC Ikeja
Through the breaking of the gospel, we become partakers of the divine nature and godly inheritance (Col 1:12-13)
Through the gospel of Christ, we lay hold of the godly inheritance (Acts 20:32, 1 Cor 2:12). The problem people have is not because God has not given. In fact, your miracle is causing traffic in heaven. Great is the mystery of godliness. In Ephesians 3, the mysteries of the gospel is revealed. 
The bible says that God was made manifest in the flesh. A mystery is something that has been kept secret. Some people did not believe that God came in the flesh. Some do not believe that Jesus Christ was God manifested in the flesh (Matt 28:15). The word was made flesh in the gospel. Through the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, we are immersed unto Christ and Isaiah was speaking by the Spirit of Christ to this in Isaiah 8:18.
Jesus Christ was justified and vindicated in the Spirit (1 Cor 15). Had Jesus Christ not risen from the dead, our faith would have been in vain or vanity. 
In Romans 1:4, it was by the resurrection that Jesus was declared the son of God. If He was faultless and He hadn’t died, we would have become convicted for life (Rom 5:1). Without the manifestation of Christ, the angels would not have seen God (Luke 2). That is why the angels rejoiced. Angels also ministered to Him (Matt 4) after He had been tested and tempted (Luke 4). Angels were also at His beck and call.
Jesus Christ was preached to the gentiles. The message of Christ initially came to the Jews. It was this mystery that Paul received; that the gospel would be preached to the gentiles. David by the Spirit of the Lord in the Old Testament proclaimed this ‘gentilic’ ministry. Zechariah also prophesied in Zechariah 13 about a fountain being open to the house of David. 
When Peter received the gentilic ministry, he did not accept it. But Paul and Barnabas by the help of the Spirit took up the challenge. This was how the gospel became a global agenda. In Mark 4, the potential of the far reaching possibilities of the gospel was explained; local Relevance, global Impact.
Christ was received up into glory (Mark 16:19, Luke 24:51). He ascended the throne of heaven. Before Christ, no man had ascended. Elijah, Moses and Enoch were all taken. And now, we are taking part of that godly nature which is gifted to us by receiving the gospel. The power of the gospel delivers us from sin and its consequences. The gospel takes us to a higher pedestal; above sin. 
We have to understand the dynamics of the kingdom to properly represent it. In every kingdom, there is a king/queen, royal family and citizens. There is also a domain of influence. There is also a constitution. The constitution represents the systems and structures through which the kingdom is being governed. It also contains the rights, privileges and duties that sustain the kingdom.
Any system that has no structure has no future. In every kingdom, there is a territorial expansion plan. There are three kingdoms- the kingdom of darkness, kingdom of this world and the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ came to His own and His own received him not, but as many as received Him, to them He gave power to become the sons of God (John 1:11-13).  As many as received Christ through the gospel, there is power available (1st Cor 4:20).
The wisdom of God is in you. The word of God is nigh (Rom 10:8). Speak and declare the word and it shall be so. We receive the grace to manifest the kingdom of God in Jesus Christ name. As a true citizen of the kingdom of heaven, anywhere you go, you become a terror to every agent of darkness (Acts 13:10, Acts 16, Mark 16:17-18).

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