Grace is one of the most important subjects in the scripture. The Bible makes us understand that we are saved through faith by the grace of God and not by works. Eph. 2:8-9

When you approach the throne of grace, you need the mercy of God to find grace for your everyday need. Heb. 4:16. This means that, it is at God’s throne of grace that personal needs are met.

So what does it mean to experience the grace of God?
Experiencing God’s grace is experiencing abundant breakthrough that we don’t deserve. In Matt. 15:21-28 and Mark 7:24-30 the Bible tells us about a Gentile woman of Canaan who showed great faith. She was not a beneficiary of the covenant promise of healing by every right but received grace because she latched on with faith by pleading for mercy.

To experience the grace of God, we need to engage God in what I call the Mercy Prayer. It is a very short but powerful prayer anyone can pray. People like David, Hannah, Jabez, Blind Bartimaeus, etc prayed this prayer. And, as you pray this morning, God in heaven who makes everything beautiful in His own time will answer you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

What will the Mercy Prayer will do?    
     The Mercy Prayer will remove barriers blocking you from accessing the throne of grace. Sin can be a barrier, disobedience can be a barrier, pride may be the barrier. Heb.12:1, Heb.4:15-16, Rom.6:14, Deut.28:1-2, 1Peter 5:5.
     The Mercy Prayer gives victory over all situations of life, it is a prayer that requires persistence. When God looks upon you with mercy you are put in the position of triumphing over every situation. The Canaanite woman kept on pleading and following Jesus Christ even when the disciples could not stand her disturbance anymore.  Matt.15:23-25
       Mercy Prayer is a prayer that singles you out of the crowd to receive divine attention. Mark 10:46-47 says “and Bartimaeus cried out and say, Jesus thou son of David have mercy on me”. Only those who cry out receive God’s attention!

     Mercy Prayer must be prayed with all humility. Sometimes our level of humility has a lot to do with how fast we receive from God, pride slows down the potency of the grace of God upon the life of a man. In Matt. 15:26, Jesus indirectly called the woman a dog but the woman with humility negotiated for the needed breakthrough for her daughter. 

      Also in 1Sam.1:14-15, Eli indirectly called Hannah a drunkard but she did not allow that to debar her from receiving her needed miracle. So also Jabez was indirectly called a mis-fit by his own mother but he re-negotiated his future in the place of prayer. Through humility, you can open the door for an overflowing grace. 1Peter 5:5-7

Keys to Walking in the Overflowing Grace of God
1.      Resolve in your mind and your heart that the Word of God is and will be the final authority in your life. Heb.12:2

2.      Free yourself from all blessing blockers (sin and negative weights) Heb.12:1-2

3.      Seek God for His Vision for Your Life by searching the scriptures for the promises that pertain to your destiny and God’s vision for you. Jesus found what was written about Him, Jeremiah discovered purpose, you also must search the scripture to find what had been written about your purpose in life. Luke 4:17-21, Jere. 1:5

4.      Confess the Word of God daily over your life and study daily for growth and increase by making a commitment to live what you learn. Josh 1:8, 2Tim 2:15

5.      Be single minded, purpose driven, vision focused – no Plan ‘B’ outside of Christ!

As you approach the throne of grace this morning, may you continually walk in the overflowing grace of God. Shalom

Beloved  Pastor

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May God grant us grace to walk in the overflow of God Grace


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