Always ask this question when you  are taking any step
  1.    Is Jesus happy with what am doing?
  2.   If Christ is on earth will he do the same    thing?
3.       Remember you are an Ambassador of Christ.
4.       Many can be converted through your attitude than your sermo
Your attitudes preach a better sermon than your Mouth                  

 As Christian let ask ourselves these question again.

1.       Does what am eating/drinking glorify God?

2.       Is what am wearing glorifying God?

3.       Are mine where Christ want me to be?

4.       Is what am saying showing am a Christian?

     5.       Act 11:26 in Antioch were the disciple first call Christian. People most have seen something in them.

     When things want to become controversial afford it and say like apostle Paul if eating meal will make my brother stumble I will stop eating meat. 1 Cor. 8:13.Christianity is not what your practice inside the church Who tell people that Peter was one of the disciples? John 18:25-27 You can advertise in your word That is through preach


  Here are two ways of preaching the Gospel .Acts 20:20

               ·         Mass evangelism

               ·         Personal evangelism

              Be an evangelist like Andrew who brought Peter to Christ. 

               John 1:40-42.

Always create an opportunity to preach the word.

If every member will win one person and teach them to win others  and the process continue like the network business, the church will be fill  within a month.


                1.       Blessing of God

                2.       Good health

                3.       God will give other men in exchange for you. Isa. 43:4

                4.       You create Joy in heaven.  Luk. 15:10
      5.       Great place in heaven.Your position in heaven will be determine by the number of soul you have won to the kingdom not  your title or activity in the church.


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