1Samuel 22:1-2; 2Samuel 23:13-17

The making of a leader is not by age but by grace. Leaders are not enforced on people but people make their choice of leader (1Sam.18:16). Still dwelling on inestimable lessons we can draw from the life of a man called David this morning, I will like for us to consider some of the qualities in his leadership style as well as his character development. As a leader, the first person to lead is you. A leader is not born but raised.
Looking through the life of David before ascending the throne, and how he built up himself, David developed godly character and a strong leadership style that will stand any test of all times. By the godly guidance and experiences he gathered as while tending his father’s flock, he became a trained leader that desired him to be. A leader is made in the place of service. God desires for his people to be diligent in all they do – that’s where leadership starts from (Rom.12:11).
The following qualities are found prominently exhibited in David’s life and these helped him to develop kingly and leadership characters.
  •   Godliness :
David was an example of a godly leader found in the bible. No wonder God called him a man after his own heart. David feared God and would pray to inquire from on any matter. 1Sa 23:2, 4
Any leader that will be used of God must be godly and be contented – 1 Tim. 6:6
  •  Humility – 1 Sam. 18:5, 14, 30
David humbled himself all the way even after when he knew the exalted position God had placed him. He was also by positional exalted by Saul.
God expects us to be humbled as leaders of his people. Psalm 10:17, Prov. 16:19, James4:10, 1Pet. 5:6
  •   Risk taking, boldness and courage
The killing of Goliath and the killing of 200 men of philistine whose foreskins he brought to King Saul in exchange for dowry on Micah are few examples of David’s courageous acts. David absolutely trusted God for every victory (1Sam. 18:25-27).
God only use people of courage to carry out his assignments.
  •   Exemplified and compassionate living – 2Sam.23:16
A leader is first a follower and then a leader. A good followership makes a good leadership. David lived an exemplified life as a leader; he knows the quality and worth of every sacrificial effort and would not take it for granted.
  •   Watchfulness – 1Sam. 18:10-11
Success is as good as invitation for adversity. David in all his achievements did not totally depend on anyone. Saul became David’s enemy because of the victory God won for Israel through him.
As leader, the bible enjoins us to always be vigilant (1Pet.5:8).
  •   Anticipation/persistence – 1Sam. 22:3-4
A leader stays focus and anticipates every promise made by God. It may look as if the promise will never come, a leader must lose the sight of where God is taking him.
  •  Loyalty – 1Sam. 24:8-11, 26:15-22
Leadership is about loyalty to God and also to people who are leaders over us. David was loyal to Saul until he killed himself
  •   Testimony – 2Sam. 12:13
Finally, leader’s life must be a testimony for others to follow. Even though David’s life was also not totally free from human error, he however won God’s heart by his repentant heart 

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