1Samuel 9:1-2; 1Samuel 9:15-17

Every man destined for greatness must carry some measure of God’s anointing power which will serve as auction to function.

          Moses received the anointing to function when he met with the Lord on the mountain of God called Horeb. Exodus 3
          Joshua received the anointing to function when God ministered to him after Moses death. Joshua 1
          Samuel received his anointing when the Lord called him out of sleep. 1Samuel 3
          Elisha received his when he saw Elijah being taking from him. 2Kings 2:11-14, etc. to mention just a few
          Saul equally received the anointing to fulfill purpose but somehow lost it to his next door neighbor due to some reasons we shall be considering today
·         Please note that the way and manner we choose to operate with the anointing of God upon our life will determine whether it is for keep or for a while.
Saul as an anointed of the Lord
·         God anointed Saul as a king when the children of Israel requested for a king
·         God chose him because he was the best candidate in the whole land of Israel. 1Samuel 9:2, 15-16
·         He was compassionate and he cared so much for his people. 1Sam 11:5-6
·         The Spirit of the Lord came upon Saul at different occasions because of the assignment. 1Samuel 10:10
·         Please note that, everyone has a nature/character inherited from the first Adam and unless such character is subdued spiritually, it will always find expression in our daily living and it will eventually push us against God
1.      Saul inability to learn from leaders before him
          Though being the first king in Israel, he failed to learn from the leadership style of Samuel.
          Samuel behaved wisely before God and the people
          He was not covetous and served in his office with great humility
          He proved his uprightness in the presence of Saul and before the Israelite but Saul never took a cue from this
2.       He was not mindful of the consequences of his actions
          When a man is anointed for a purpose, he must always check to see if his decision conforms to the will of God.
          Saul’s calamity started when he felt he could function both as a king and also as a priest (Levite). 1Samuel 13:8-14
          Our choices as children of God must conform to the plan and purpose of God for our lives.
          Do not overstep your bound.
3.      Saul was a man who could not carry out instruction adequately. 1Samuel 15:1-35
          “Kill all the Amalekite”, he went, killed all the people but spared the king (king Agag) and the wealth of the land
          Never think you are wiser than your leaders
          You may discuss with him a better way of carrying out the assignment but never make the leader look stupid
4.      Saul was stubborn and rebellious in nature, always trying to argue his way out. A character that always push him against God.
          Never try to play smart with God, he knows you more than you know yourself
1Samuel 15:22-23
5.      Saul will always refer to God as Samuel’s God (thy God) not his own God or ‘our God’.
1Samuel 15:15
6.      Saul never showed genuine repentance to God, he was more interested in the outward repentance which is not acceptable to God. 1Samuel 15:30-31
          He preferred to look good in the presence of the elders than to look good in the presence of God.
All these unchecked attributes cost him the greatest gift of all,
          He lost the spirit of God. The anointing to function. 1Samuel 16:12-14
Romans 1:28 God gave him a reprobate mind to do things that are not convenient because he refuse to retain God in his mind.
Job 32:8. But there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.
What is anointing? Anointing is the divine empowerment to perform a specific task or instruction
·         The moment a man loses the anointing, he loses the ability to perform effectively
          He will have what looks like the anointing but the power to perform is missing.
2Tim. 3:5 (Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away)
          Immediately he lost the Spirit of God, he lost the anointing to serve
          When the Spirit of God departs a man, such a life cannot remain empty. The evil spirit must inhabit such a life.
          The evil spirit that replace the Spirit of God in the life of Saul came with madness, anger, wickedness, strife, pride, rage, fear, etc.
          When the anointing departs a man, what is left is annoyance.
·         Saul could no longer perform unless there is a carrier of God’s anointing around him.
          People began to help Saul seek methods to be able to carry out his God given mandate
          Wisdom of men can never replace the anointing to function 1Samuel 16:15-23
·         David now became the carrier of the anointing that can propel the auction to function in the life of Saul.
          The anointing for you to function is it still in you or it has been given to your neighbor, to your member as a leader, to your congregation as a pastor, to your wife as husband, etc.
·         For Saul to function effectively, David the carrier of the anointing must be present
          For Saul to achieve a worthwhile goal, it must either be carried out by David or in the presence of David the carrier of the anointing.
·         Saul began to live under the shadow of David
          When he tried to live away from David, destruction came upon him.
In Conclusion
  • The reason why Saul lost it completely was his inability to seek God while he may be found. Isaiah 55:6 (seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near)
The Bible Says in
Revelation 3:20“(Behold, I stand at the door knocking, if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with me”)
  • Why not open the door of your heart this morning and let God come in to restore back any anointing you have lost or to renew His anointing that sin has relegated to the background in your life
  • He is knocking today, tomorrow may be too late. God can still mend the broken relationship you have with Him if only you will cry out to Him this morning.
Remain blessed.

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