Text: 1 Kings 17:1-10, Josh. 1:8


  Everyone in life has a common desire to succeed, but not everyone knows what success is to him personally
Success is generally measured by most people in terms of the quantity of material things they possess.
While these material things may be good and often acclaimed as success, they are not in themselves true makers of success. Success to every believer should centre on God.
So what then does the scripture term as success? Success is the continuous attainment of God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Jere. 29:11
 Though God’s plan is never revealed to us at once but in phases, but the level of our faith determines the level at which we receive from Him from time to time. Isa 28:13
          In verse 7 of our anchor text, the brook dried up (7 And it came to pass after a while, that the brook dried up, because there had been no rain in the land.)
          Sometimes, dryness may occur when we stay too long in one position known as the comfort zone. Isa. 55:9
God want us to continually depend on Him as He reveals to us the template of our lives in phases
          If a product is declining in sales you are advised to re-package, so also a child of God must re-discover himself in the midst of scarcity.
Success begins when you realize the purpose for your existence. No matter the circumstance of your birth, you are here for a purpose
          In Act 9:6, Paul requested to know God’s purpose for his life on the way to Damascus.
    Never commit your energy to where God is not operating from. Gal. 1:15-16
After discovery stay committed to purpose
          Jonah tried to dodge divine purpose and ends up in the belly of the fish. Jonah 1:12
Success is in our hands and it is governed by the choices we make.
          Whatever God will not give, don’t pray to have it because the devil also can give. Deut.30:15
Success is about what you know and you apply
          Every business has his own trade secret
          Jacob used this against Laban and got more than his boss. Gen. 30:27, Gen 30:37-41
          Joseph used his gift to connect himself with a staff of the palace. Gen 40:14
   What do you have that can make you relevant to your world?  Pro. 22:29
The application of your discovery guarantees your success.
                                                               How Do I Locate Success
Locate Your Assignment
Success is right inside every man’s assignment. When you locate your assignment, you have located success
Responsibility usually disguises as work, when you neglect work success becomes out of reach
          Moses was created to procure the release of the children of Israel, Aaron was created to give technical support to Moses on this mission while Joshua was created to under-study and complete the mission.
 If Billy Graham says I’m sent to the unsaved, Benny Hinn to the sick, what are you created to do?
 If God has called you into teaching ministry or prayer ministry or choir ministry, etc, stay focused, it is only a matter of time the vision will speak for itself. Hab 2:3
                                                              Tools for Success
When you obey instruction, nothing can resist your success. Josh 1:8
1.      The BOOK (This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth………);
          The Bible is the first tool that God gives to every believer, It contain success secret that must be continually studied and must be our daily companion which must not depart from our mouth because a CLOSED MOUTH is a CLOSED DESTINY therefore the journey of success begins with your mouth. Deut. 30:15
ART of Meditation (……but thou shalt meditate therein day and night,…….)
          It is the art of meditation that allows you to ponder and say something positive to yourself. Don’t allow circumstances determine your utterance
ACT or DO (…..that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein:……)
          Be obedient by observing to do what the word says. After meditation, act upon the word of God. Don’t be a docile Christian, be an acting Christian by acting on every word you have discovered from the word of God.

                                                                  PASTOR LANRE AREOLA

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