There is need to cultivate the act of thanksgiving through praise and worship as we begin to wrap up the year. The Bible says ‘God inhabits the praise of His people” and whatever cannot stop God cannot stop your praise. Those who know how to appreciate God move God to do the extraordinary. The Bible says King Jehoshaphat engaged the battle with the power of praise, as you take to praise, every battle of life will take to flight in Jesus Christ mighty name.
Praise is a weapon of war, not for entertainment. 2Chro. 20:22. Nothing brings solution effortlessly like the power of praise. Paul and Silas engaged God in praise even in the prison. Acts 16:25-26. Every gate of brass that the enemy has shut against your life, your home, your business will be scattered in Jesus Christ name. The miracle God did that day led the jailor and others to give their lives to Christ. What God will do through you will lead men to Christ.
The 3 Hebrew boys found themselves in the fiery furnace and the fourth man showed up. Dan. 4:21-26. I don’t know the situation you have found yourself but as you take to praise, The Fourth Man will show up and deliver you.
From our anchor text; The Bible say in 2Chro. 20:22-23, three nations came together against the children of Israel. The Bible says “surely, they will gather” and truly 3 nations gathered against Israel 
I don’t know how many are gathering over your matter. Enemies in your village, in the city, at work, in your household, in the church, etc. will all fall for your sake. The Lord will send ambushment against your enemies.
In 2Chro. 22:25-26 Because the people took to praise, God gave them great recovery. Do you know what it means to be packing and packing non-stop for 3 days? That will be your portion, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As you take to praise, you will recover back all your blessing, Ps.126, Joel 2:25-26. A man who know how to praise God will always live in abundance. It is our year of Goodness and Mercy. You will enjoy the goodness of God more than ever before.
In 2Chro. 20:27-28, the people return home with joy and gladness. Ps. 5:11-12. A man of praise will always command the presence and the favour of God. Prov.16:7. Celebrate God in your praise and stop complaining. Ps.147:1-3. For everyone under the sound of my voice this morning, say to yourself “IT WILL END IN PRAISE”. The Bible says in Neh.8:10 “….for the joy of the LORD is my strength”.
God’s praise shall be your strength and you will eat fat, and have enough to bless other.
In 2Chro. 20:29-30, the fear of God came upon their enemy. Phil. 4:7, the Lord will give you peace of
mind, it shall be peace all-round, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
What Praise and Worship Can Do
1.      Praise gives direct access to the throne of grace (God) Ps.95:2
2.      Praise is a better substitute to sacrifices or offerings. Ps 69:29-31, 1Sam.15:22
3.      Praise is one of the ways of making our request known to God. Phil 4:6
4.      Praise brings favour, enlargement, promotion, protection and breakthroughs with ease. 1Chro.29:10-12
In Conclusion, The Bible says in 2Chro. 20:20 ……. Believe your prophet and you shall prosper. That situation, WILL END IN PRAISE. you will pass that exams, get that job, receive that good news, give birth to life children, because it must end in praise. And so shall it be in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy ghost. Amen.



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