2 Kings 7:1-10
There is a place called the right place or the place of destiny, which everyone must locate, in the fulfilment of God’s purpose for his or her life. In order to show forth the glory of God, you must be rightly positioned. You must be in the place God has assigned for you, in order to manifest His power…
God is omnipresent, yet His glory will only be revealed in a place where He sends you. Manifestation of God’s glory is the reward of absolute compliance to divine guidance.

Let’s quickly examine the story in our anchor text. The prophet, Elisha, through divine inspiration, made some prophetic utterances that sounded strange (quite unbelievable and unreasonable). And of course, the words spoken by this man of God didn’t make any logical sense (1 Cor. 1:25). Even one of the king’s officers got himself into trouble while trying to critically analyse Elisha’s statement in comparison with the economic situation at hand…
God is not a respecter of persons! He can use anybody to show forth His Majesty on the face of the earth. On this occasion, He decided to use lepers; four lepers whose destinies had been reduced to the gate, outside the camp (Lev. 13:45-46). God can indeed use anyone He chooses (and any available and worthy vessel) to showcase His glory! (1 Cor. 1:26-31).
They said, one to another, ‘Why do we sit here till we die?’

Prior to the time that the Word of God came forth, they had been dwelling at the gate and they probably saw nothing wrong with that. They had simply accepted this as their own fate! They became so non-challant about life that the gate became a place of comfort for them.

After all, they could still live on possible stipends they would hopefully get from passers-by. 

However, the moment the Word of the Lord came out from the mouth of the prophet, something came alive in them, and instantly, they began to get uncomfortable with the gate. 

Please, don’t get stuck at the gate. Don’t become comfortable with the gate…
Many folks want to enter into the presence of the Lord, but they stop at the gate. There are diverse kinds of people at the gate. There are folks who have been rejected by men (like the 4 lepers), there are people who have simply given up on life, etc.

And they rose up…! The moment they rose up in alignment with destiny, God began to move on their behalf. The Lord began to order their steps (Psalm 37:23). They enjoyed the company of God’s presence such that the Syrians took to their heels. Lo and behold, when they got to the Syrian camp, there was no single person there, and the whole place was filled with abundant supplies – divine provision.
These men gathered as much as they could! They enjoyed the blessings and provision of the Lord beyond measure. They became great men all of a sudden! Their lives had just been transformed! But more importantly, they became agents of economic transformation in a nation that had once rejected them. They must have eventually become national heroes! Through these feeble men, the Lord delivered Israel from the oppression of the Syrian army and ultimately from economic depression.
The Lord will use you to manifest His glory, as you rise up and take your place today, in the name of Jesus Christ!


                                                  PASTOR NATHANIEL SADELA

                                                       Resident  Pastor

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