Bible reading: Exodus 33:13 -23
God’s glory cannot be divorced from His person. To have His glory is to desire His person. It is not possible for anyone to claim to have or enjoy God’s glory without having an intimate relationship with Him. God’s glory is not in any way equated to wealth and riches. Wealth and material blessings are true representation of God’s glory, they are only the attribute of His glory. That a man has wealth and riches, honour and prestige does not necessarily mean he is reflecting God’s glory.
What then does it mean to reflect God’s glory?
Firstly, I think we should understand that there are different types and levels of glory. There are glories of this world, which are glories that fade away. Devil also has his own glory which he gives to as many as will do his bidding. Individuals are also born with glory and this is expected to be activated by the individual owner of the glory. But unfortunately, not everyone will activate their glory because this can only be done with the help of God. God’s glory rubs off on us to help bring ours to the limelight.
2Co 3:18 
God’s glory transcends any other types of glory we can think of in this world. God’s glory is spiritual. It is the essence of God. God’s glory brings His presence to man. Everyone is a product of God’s magnificent glory.
How can you possess the glory of God?
Everyone who must manifest the glory of God must possess His glory to manifest. The glory you possess is the glory you can manifest.
Therefore, to possess God’s glory you must:
1.      Thirst absolutely for God, nothing else must satisfy your thirst – Psm. 42:11
2.     Be willing to do all it required for you to win God through His son Jesus Christ. Your relationship with God must not be debateable. You cannot manifest the glory of whom you have no relationship.
3.     Seek to know God through His word. Your ability to manifest God’s glory is a function of your knowledge of Him
4.     Give your heart wholly (totally) to God – Rom. 12:1, Prov. 23:26
After you have done all that it requires of you inclusive of the above points, then you can begin to manifest His glory. His glory shall then be seen upon you and people will glorify your heavenly father.
Finally, what are the signs that you are manifesting God’s glory?
1.      Your willingness to speak and share with others about the goodness of God in your life – Rom.1:16-17
2.     Your responsiveness and sensitivity to heavenly agenda for your life
3.     Your desire or willingness to add value to others in the place of service
4.     You’ll become a blessing to the world around you and joy of many generation – Isa. 60:15.


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