Luke 19:12-13
Your business is your occupation, profession or trade. The business we are talking about here, is your God-given assignment, your ministry, your calling (John 18:37).
Occupy till I come…
The word ‘occupy’ here implies that one should engage fully and profitably in an endeavour. It also means you should take ownership.
Applying the force of diligence and self-discipline into that which has been committed into your hands…
Your business is that which you must exert your energy, substance, time and life into. One of the greatest resources you deploy into your God-given business is your time. Nobody can manage your business for you. 
As a father, no amount of money and material gifts and substance you shower your family with, can substitute the quality time you spend with them, building and nurturing them with Godly values. 

As a parent, you can mould the lifestyle and future of your children by pouring yourself into them, releasing kingdom principles and leadership culture into their lives. 
Likewise, you spend quality time with the wife of your youth.
As a mother, you must exhibit the characteristics of a virtuous (God-fearing) woman, who is a crown to her husband (Prov.12:4) and a role-model to her children.
A very important question you must ask yourself is ‘What exactly is my business?’
Many people spend their whole life-time cultivating and nurturing another man’s business, while many others engage themselves meddling into other people’s affairs. Many choose to live as spectators for the rest of their lives, without locating and fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives.
Joseph committed himself whole-heartedly to his business… (Gen. 39:4-13).
Jesus, even from childhood cultivated a sense of responsibility towards His Father’s business (Luke 2:49).

Few hints about your God-given business
When you locate and walk within the sphere of your God-given business, you simply trigger off ‘the Garden experience’… Gen 2:9, 15
When you locate your God-given business, you enter into His rest, you experience satisfaction, and enjoy peace (Phil. 4:7-9).
When you step into your God-given business (domain of influence), you generate surplus value effortlessly, you make significant impact, irrespective of the circumstance of your environment… 
What must I do?
Take heed to your ministry 1 Tim. 4:12-16
Let no one despise you, rather live an exemplary life.
Give yourself to reading, training (learning) and impacting others.
Do not neglect nor despise that which you have received from God and place wherein He has established you to be nourished…
Don’t underestimate the place of meditation

…that thy profiting may appear unto all

Kindly reflect on these:
What is your business? Have you discovered it?
If the Master comes today, will He find you right at the centre of your business?

Are you fully engaged, half-heartedly engaged or not even bothered about the Master’s business, which He has committed into your hands? (Matt. 24:46; Luke 12:43).


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