Bible text: Jeremiah 31: 31 – 34
We have come to the age where the knowledge of God has become inevitable. This is the period the bible prophesies that, “the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shall fill the earth” (Hab. 2: 14). A period when one does not need intermediary to get to God but today, what we see is that people despise the knowledge of God and start chasing after some so called men of God who in turn make merchandise of them. It is only those who know their God that will do great exploit (Daniel 11: 32b).
Knowledge of God at this point in time is not what anyone should toil with. The bible says, “and even as they did not like to retain God in [their] knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; (Rom 1:28). 
This explains reason why many so called believers make God out of men rather than having boldness to approach the throne of grace through the knowledge of God. God expects all that must come to Him do so in the intimate knowledge of Him. The same way, God expects us to know Him so well so that we can represent Him to our world. You cannot speak of God you don’t know; neither can you share with others what you don’t know about Him except you are a hypocrite. 
It was for this reason that Jesus Christ came that we may know God and seek to serve him (John 14: 6 – 7).
1.       The know ledge of God can be obtained by acquaintance with God – Hos. 6:3, Job 22:21, Heb. 10;22
2.      Obedience is another condition for obtaining the knowledge of God – Jhn. 7:16 – 17
3.      Fear of  God is also one of the ways to gain the knowledge of God – Prov. 1:7,29
4.      The knowledge of God can be gained through the word of God – 2Pet. 1:8, Col. 1:10
What do we stand to gain for knowing God?
1.       Anyone who knows God has his/her soul liberated from all error – John 8:31 – 32
2.      The knowledge of God leads to eternal life – John 17:3
3.      The knowledge of God brings peace and hope – Job 13:18, 23:10, 2Tim. 1:12
Finally, it is worth to note that the knowledge of God is infinite. No one knows God enough. We all should aspire to know more of Him as Apostle Paul remarked in Phil. 3:10 – 11. 


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