Text: Luke 11: 1-11
Prayer is one of the fundamentals and pillars in Christianity. It is the only way by which Christians can ask anything they desire from God – Phi. 4:6. Prayer is powerful tool in the hand of Christians. The Bible encourages us to pray always and without ceasing too – Lu. 18:1; 1The 5:17. Jesus engaged in prayer extensively throughout His earthly ministry, and so are His disciples throughout their own ministries. If we must also succeed in our Christian race, we must also be committed to a prevailing prayer life. Prayer is not an option for any winning Christian but a must do venture. A balance Christian life should therefore be consistently engage in prayer. 
Conditions for prevailing prayer
Faith: While it is very good to always pray, it is however expected that everyone praying to God should do so in faith – Mar. 11:24, Jam. 1:6 -7
Contrite spirit: In order for God to hear and answer prayer of any believer, He checks the spirit behind such prayer. God detests a haughty spirit as such people cannot receive anything from Him- 2Chr. 7:14, Ps. 10:17
Whole-heartedness: one of the conditions for answered prayer is to come to God with one’s whole heart. Everyone who must seek God in prayer must seek Him whole-heartedly – Jer. 29:13
Righteousness: Right standing with God is another condition for answer to prayer. If anyone must engage in prevailing prayer, he/she must have a right standing with God – Jam. 5:16
Obedience:  Isaiah 1:19 says, “if you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land”. Obedience is another condition for everyone who must prevail in their prayer – 1Jh. 3:22
5 things prevailing prayer will do for you
1.       Revelation of things to come: As a man of prayer, you will have divine revelation of things to come; God will reveal the deep things of the kingdom to you. Matt. 11:27
2.       Empowerment for success: prayer position a man to be divinely empowered
3.       Renewal of strength: prayer increases and renews the strength of believers – Isa. 40: 29 -31
4.       Boost your faith: Prayer helps and builds faith. A man of prayer is a man of faith. And finally,
5.       Guarantee your future: Through a ceaseless prayer, a believer can be guaranteed of better future.


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