by GAC Ikeja

God created man for fellowship, men therefore at various times had enjoyed some level of fellowship with their maker. the Bible says in Gen. 3:8 that, when God created man, God at the cool of the day usually come to fellowship with man. God’s relationship with Adam was so intense that He created a perfect habitation for him Gen. 2:8, come down from time to time to play and chat with Adam. It was at one of these meetings that God noticed Adam loneliness and decided to create a help meet for Adam and honored Adam by allowing him to give names to all that He (God) created. Gen.2:18-22
Another man by the name Enoch had a relationship with His maker, that, while strolling and chatting with God one day, he requested to know where God stays and asked if he could go and stay with Him permanently. Gen. 5:24
Isaiah built a relationship with his maker and was gloriously taking home in a chariot of fire alive. 2 Kings 2:11. David right from is youth grew a relationship with God that God called him a man after His own heart 1Sam. 13:14. Abraham started a relationship with his maker and ended up becoming a friend of God. James 2:23. Job built a relationship with God and he became the servant of the most-high. Job.1:8
All these men had their weakness, limitations and challenges but what separated them from the crowd was the HEART with which they related with God. Your HEARTcondition will always determine your LOVEcondition. Is your relationship born out of what you intend to receive from God or from a genuine HEART? Do you remember God when you have needs, or in trouble or when you are facing near-death situations? Remember that He created us just for His own pleasure. Rev. 4:11
How do you know you have a relationship with God?
1.     By how you respond to God.
Does His word abide in your heart? You cannot claim to love God and find it difficult to uphold His dictates and statutes by making excuses for your inadequacies. Ps 119:15-18, Phil 3:10, Ps 119:124-125, Ps 27:4
2.     By how you respond to the things of God
God’s love in your heart must always prompt you towards the things of God. David saw the comfort and the glory of his palace while the Ark of God dwells in the tenth and purpose to build a befitting house for God. This was one of the reasons God decided to retain his generation on the throne of Israel forever. Abraham responded well and his generation became the people of God. Eli responded badly and brought generational curse upon his family. What has your calling into the ministry caused you so far? Paul said in Phil. 1:21 “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain”
3.     By how you respond to the people of God
Is your relationship with God building up or tearing down? If not for the relationship Moses had with God, the Israelite would have been totally wiped off when they murmured against God. Deut. 9:14-29. Are you a builder of Gods people or a destroyer of brethren? You cannot claim you are in relationship with God and cannot stand God’s children. John 3:16, Matt 25:32-40, 1 John 4:20-21

In Conclusion
To have a relationship with God does not mean you must be perfect, what God only requires is the right heart. Abraham, David, Moses, Elijah, Job, etc. had their challenges, but in all, they never allowed anything separate them from the love of God. They knew how to amend their ways and return back to their maker. In good and in bad times never allow anything affect your love (relationship) with your maker. Rom.8:28
Nothing should separate us from the love of Christ and only in love can we build relationship with God. However deep the level of your relationship is, seek to know Him more and more. Jere.24:7, Jere.31:3-4, Jere.32:38-40
Your knowledge with God will give you more desire to seek him more, to know more about the things of God and your purpose in the body of Christ. Are you ready to surrender to your maker for a deeper, closer, higher, grounded, etc relationship? Rev 3:20. Shalom


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