by GAC Ikeja

There is a place that God has assigned to you. And, that place is your power base. Power base could be a place or source of authority. It is a domain or sphere of influence or support. The Power base for a fish is water.

In Gen 12: 10, the Bible says that Abraham went down into Egypt to sojourn there. Remember that God called Abraham out of his country, kindred and his father’s house to another place. But after this, Abraham left for Egypt to sojourn there. As soon as he got to Egypt, he started scheming. Abraham asked Sarah to tell lies to the Egyptians about their relationship. When you are not rightly positioned, you begin to deploy self-help mechanisms. Have you been scheming lately? Opportunities pass us by when we scheme. Are you in your power base? Are you dwelling in the place of your calling? Are you in the right profession? Are you in the right relationship? Are you rightly placed? 

In the book of Luke 15:13, the prodigal son ‘went down’. The moment a man leaves the presence of his father, he has embarked on a downward movement.

I hereby declare that you are stepping up, rising up, going up, out of the region of darkness, death and everything that shuts you out of the Kingdom of God. 

Psalm 114:1-2: You can’t dwell in Egypt and become God’s sanctuary. That Bible verse records that Judah became His sanctuary and Israel became His dominion… You cannot be a carrier of His presence while in Egypt. You cannot dwell in Egypt and be God’s priced possession.

Egypt here could mean a habit, lifestyle, or a value system. Egypt tries to shut God out of your life. No matter what riches you possess in Egypt, the prevailing authority therein is Pharaoh. You are always under the servitude of Pharaoh when in Egypt. 

It takes the power of the Cross to effect total deliverance from the Egyptian value system. The power of the Cross is embedded in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This power of the Cross brings you into your Godly inheritance.

When Abraham came up, out of Egypt, he ascended with his wife and all that he had. As a man or a leader, you are the pastor and prophet of your home. You must take heed to the flock that God has charged you with. Do not be that leader that causes people to go into error.

Things that hinder upward movement in life

Emotional Attachment: You consider what people will say at the expense of God’s will over your life. You are emotionally attached to people who seem to be embarking on a completely different journey from yours, their value systems contradict yours, yet you still want to hang on…

Insensitivity: It could either be to the things of God or to the things happening in one’s environment. It could also be a dullness of heart.

Overfamiliarity: With the things that pertain to God. The same Word that transforms other people’s lives hits you and nothing changes within you.

Lethargic Spirit: One must be fervent in spirit and not slothful in business (Rom 12:11)

Drunkenness (Isa 28:7). Drunkenness impairs sense of judgment. You begin to make the wrong decisions (Prov. 14:12) Spiritual drunkenness and plagues of the heart include lust, envy, strife and bitterness.

What Shall I do?

Look up to Jesus! Receive Him, accept Him. It involves a pull from Him, a release from you and restraint of self and God would take you to your desired place. 

Grow by the word of God (1 Peter 2:2)

Grow through fasting and prayer.

Stay in your power base and God would bring you to a place of relevance in the name of Jesus Christ.


Resident  Pastor

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