Lesson Text: 2 SAMUEL 11:1-27
When you think about the life of David, one of two events will probably come to your mind.  You will either remember one of the following acts of David;
1. The time young David slew Goliath
2. When David committed adultery with Bathsheba
Both events were important moments in the life of David.  In the first, David revealed fact of his humility and proved he was a man of faith.  In the second, David revealed the fact of his humanity and that he was a man of flesh. When David met a giant named Goliath, we were privileged to read about his greatest victory.  When David met Bathsheba, we are forced to read about his greatest defeat.
To understand the nature of the giant that dwelled within David’s heart, let see 2 Samuel 5:12-13.  We are told there that God had blessed David and had established his kingdom, we were also told that David recognized the hand of divine providence at work in his life.  Thank God for the “Unseen Hand.  But, we were also given a piece of distressing news as well.  Verse 13 says “And David took more concubines and wives out of Jerusalem.
This is against the word of God in Deut. 17:14-17. God has forbidden David from doing three things:
1. He was not to accumulate Horses
2. He was not to accumulate wives
3. He was not to accumulate gold and silver

When you look at number 1 and 3 David was faithful to God. 2 Sam. 8:4., 2 Sam. 8:7-12.
David had a giant, and if a name had to be attached to this giant, I think “Lust” would be appropriate.  It appears that David had strong sexual desires and sought to satisfy his urges by accumulating women.  But, David, like many others, discovered that many sexual partners will not satisfy your sexual desires, they will only increase them.  
David’s Giant Constructed – Where did this giant of lust come from?  How did this giant obtain the power necessary to overcome a “man after God’s Own heart”?

1. Neglect of Duty
2. Idle Time
3. Success
4. Pride; 2 Sam. 5:12
5. Arrogance; Prov., 16:18
6. Neglect of the spiritual man
I am sure there were other causes, but what we need to understand here is the truth that David’s giant was something that he allowed to thrive in his own life.  He could have prevented what happened had he taken the proper steps.
You see, David’s giant, and the giants that we face do not usually come from without.  They come from within, James 1:13-14.  Therefore, we must be certain that the inner man is strengthened for him to battle with the giants that lurk within our own hearts.
1. It Had the Power to Ensnare His Mind vs 2-3
2. It Had The Power To Erase His Reason: (vs 3b) When David enquires about Bathsheba, he is told that she is the wife of a loyal soldier, and that she is the granddaughter of a trusted advisor.  This information should have caused David to stop the course of action he was pursuing; instead, he pressed on.
3. It Had the Power to Eclipse His God (4): Ex. 20:14 

Be careful how you look at others 
It Led Him down A Deceptive Path v. 5-13 
It Led Him down A Deepening Pathv. 14-25 
It Led Him Down A Devastating Path v. 26-27a 


For now, here is the issue that we must deal with: David’s sin was just sin!  It could have been committed by anyone of us!  Yet, it is magnified by who David was and by how he handled it.  The fact is, we are no greater than David.  We are as prone to fail as he was.  If we are not careful, there is a giant lurking in the recesses of our heart and his desire is our demise, 1 Cor. 10:12.

Are you dealing with a giant that is trying to destroy you?  If you are, you do not have to lose the battle!  You can have victory and you can have it today!  The first step is getting honest with the Lord about the battle you are fighting, it will require you to tell Him (Jesus Christ) the whole truth and leaning upon Him for strength to fight the battle.

If you have already been beaten by the giant, I want you to know that the war is not over!  God knows how to restore you and help you out of sin’s grip.

You do not have to lose the battle with your giant!  You can have victory if you want it!


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