Genesis 12:1-3; Proverbs 10:22
Blessing is an empowerment to prosper. It is a supernatural release of the power of God upon a man. Many times, people receive blessings through pronouncement from the mouth of God; they also come from the mouths of anointed servants of God.
God wants all His children to prosper and abound in good health (3 John 1:2)
Our God delights in the prosperity of His servants (Psalm 35:27b)

God called Abraham (in Gen 12) and blessed him, in order to make him (Abraham) a blessing. God is purpose-driven! Everything He does is centred around His divine purposes, and His purposes are established by His Words.

When purpose is not well defined, abuse is inevitable. If we don’t understand the purpose of God’s blessing, we have a high tendency of abusing it.

Prosperity in the light of God’s Word is a product of covenant walk (relationship) with God. (Deut 8:18)

We need to know the ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’ of God’s blessings, so that we can be the custodians of heavenly resources.
WHY (the purpose)
HOW (the approach)
God blesses us, so that we can be a channel of distribution (blessing) to others. (Gen 12:1-3). He wants to make us custodians of heavenly resources. We must be willing to release the blessings upon others.
God blesses us in order to establish His covenant. (Deut 8:18). He blessed Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants, in order to establish His covenant with them.
He blesses us to restore us (Joel 2:23-27) – to give us double for our trouble; divine abundance in place of lack; He replaces our shame with fame.
He blesses us so that we can always remember Him (Deut 8:18)
He blesses us to become promoters of His Kingdom (Isaiah 43:21). He wants us to use the heavenly resources He has bestowed upon us, for the advancement of His Kingdom.
Through priestly or prophetic blessings – Numbers 6:22-27; Gen 14:18-19
Through divinely inspired ideas – Gen 26:2-3; 41:33-37
Through parental blessings – Isaac to Jacob (Gen 27); Jacob to the patriarchs (Gen 29)
Through divine favour – Exodus 12:35-36; Psalm 102:13
Through the works of our hands – Psalm 1:3; 67:5-7

The fear of the Lord – walking in His ways, delighting greatly in His commandments (Psalm 128:1-6; Psalm 112:1-4)
Living by the Word of God – Psalm 1:1-3; Joshua 1:8
Seeking the Kingdom of God first – Matt 6:33
Getting involved in things that further promote the Kingdom of God – Mal 3:10-12
Diligence in our work – Deut 28:12
Giving to the needy – Proverbs 19:17; 28:27; 11:25

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