Text: Matt. 28:16-20, Acts 20:20-21, Acts 8:26-40, Acts 17:16-34, John 4:3-42

What is Evangelism?
It is the zealous preaching and advocacy of the gospel (dictionary).
Evangelism is a commandment of Jesus Christ to all believers; it is not limited to some particular group of people.
Whatever ministry you are called into, evangelism must be the basis of the ministry.
As a chorister you must strive to use your voice to win souls for God.

Types of Evangelism (Acts 20:20)
1. Mass evangelism
2. Personal evangelism

Mass evangelism is preaching to a crowd not to a particular person but to many people at the same time. Acts 2:1-15.
Personal evangelism is when you preach to a person. This is one-on-one preaching. Like Jesus and the Samaritan woman. John 4:3-42

Where can personal evangelism take place?
This form of evangelism can take place anywhere and in any place. Be it on the street, offices, homes, car etc.

How do I start
The major problem with many Christians is how to start the conversation.
It is like marketing a product, Jesus Christ is the product here.

The way you start the conversation very important.
1. What is happening. Like Philip in Acts 8:26-40, Paul in Acts 17:16-34
2. Direct approach. This is a case of just stopping someone either in his house or on the street. Here, your approach is very important.

Before going for evangelism what are those things that you should have or know?
1. You should be saved
2. Make sure you read your Bible and know one or two verses to use.
3. Be convinced yourself, it is difficult to market a product you are not sure of
4. Your outlook is important
5. Prayer is very important. Know that you can’t win anybody’s soul but only Christ can.

Who can win soul?
Every believer should strive to win souls for God. Your educational status or social status doesn’t matter.
Try to follow up on every one you discuss with.

What not to do.
1. Do not condemn, rather preach the love of Christ
2. Do not preach man or church.
3. Do not preach doctrine.
4. Do not argue
5. Don’t force them to collect their details.
6. Don’t condemn any church or religion.

Reward of soul winning.
1. A star on your crown in heaven
2. Good health on earth
3. Blessing of God on your endeavour 

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