Its a beautiful thing to be in the presence of God today, been the last day in the year 2013.

Kick starting todays programme, the choir taking the church into the realm of praise. its a section power packed with worship and praise to the almighty.
The service is ongoing as pastor Nathaniel SADELA takes the first bible reading, psalms 121v1-25. praying the prayer of thanksgiving. leading the church in thanksgiving unto the most high. In response to that, pastor femi ATODE prayes on thanksgiving.

George and the choir ministers the song titled; EBUBE.
pastor also coming on stage for the second time sharing joshua 7v11-12. taking the church in prayer of forgiveness of sin. “lord deliver us from every form of ungodliness”. while the chrch praying, JOSHUA OWOYOMI steps up the pupit to pray on forgiveness of sin.

Taking a break in prayer the GACikeja praise team singing praises to God and the congregation responding in joy and celebration.

pst,Nath taking  luke 24:29, leading the church in prayer of holyghost. The indwelling of the holyspirit to take us through 2014 successfully. Empowerment by the holyspirit for right and correct service.Deacon. oluwayimika ANIBABA, prays on the empowerment of the holyspirit. Anointing to run the race in 2014. 2HRS 3MINS more for 2013 to expire

A short Review or appraisal of our work in 2013, Hebrews 3:1-2. Are we faithful in everything we do? do we carry out works faithfully? have a deep thought over it. psalm 27
Adewunmi Faponle praying for abundant grace.1HR 15MINS remaining to expire 2013 and launching into 2014.
proceeding into the year 2014. Isiaha 62:1-2, Its going to be a year of new name, new destiny and new testimony. All this declearation are inspired by the holyspirit through pastor Nathaniel SADELA.

Deaconess. SUNMONU declearing Newness and prosperity into our lives in the year 2013 by the power and the blood of jesus christ. 
Pastor Nath comes to gear the chuch to prophesy into the new year. numbers 21:21-22. “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.

your destiny shall not be aborted,we will scale through the viles of the devil,we will be properous!!!

Segun ELUSOGBON conveying the church announcements.

Prayers to come against anything that can seperate us from the love of christ Romans 8:38-39,this section is taking by pastor Nath. 
Ayodele OZUGBAKUN also declaring into 2014

  28MINS MORE!!! .
Pastor femi ATODE rebukes death and attracts longevity

Looking into Psalm 122:6 praying for the church.

Lord release your favour into the church. Wealth overflow

Deacon.ANIBABA praying Gods blessing down upon the church.
Deaconess SADELA blessing expectant mothers.

On behalf of the resident pastor and his lovely wife, We welcome every body into the new year 2014. A year of new name.

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